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A Honeymoon Tour to Thekkady

Thekkady’s forests are enchanting enough to make anyone choose it as their destination for amazing Kerala Honeymoon Packages. The forests, abundant with rich and rare flora and fauna, are also famous for the Periyar Tiger Reserve and the Periyar Reservoir. But there are many more interesting places to see and to experience in Thekkady. You wouldn’t want to miss the best of those in Thekkady right? So here are some ways you can plan your honeymoon holidays in Thekkady the most interesting one. Let us plan less travel and more exploration. That way, you will not be as exhausted and will be able to enjoy the best time together while experiencing some beautiful places in Thekkady like never before. So even if you have been to Thekkady on a short tour, read on to know how you can make your next trip even more interesting.

 Let us start from Kochi and move to Thekkady by road. Even though Kochi has so many amazing destinations and experiences to offer, let us not drift away and concentrate on reaching Thekkady for your Honeymoon in Kerala. By car, it takes somewhere around 4 to 5 hours from Kochi to Thekkady if you do not intend to step out and enjoy the nature on the way. Anyway that never happens, thanks to the green and breathtaking nature once you are away from the city area. Till you reach Mundakkayam, the roads are going to be the same as any other Indian town area. The forest range starts at Mundakkayam and then onwards, you will find it very difficult to resist getting down and enjoying the fresh air and nature around you even before you start your Honeymoon Kerala. Kuttikkanam, Peerumedu and Vandipperiyar are places where you definitely must explore more. These 3 are popular picnic spots for the locals. Kuttikkanam is a lush plantation village which remains misty almost throughout the year. The place looks beautiful and you may want to spend overnight here or at least enjoy an entire day exploring the tea gardens and the mountain ranges of Idukki. It is a part of Peerumedu which is a popular tourist spot too.

 You may want to stay overnight in Peerumedu and there are some beautiful resorts and homestay options too. You can plan a stay at Peerumedu on your way back from Thekkady on your Kerala Honeymoon Packages from Mumbai. The place has some beautiful tea, coffee and spice plantations that make perfect sightseeing along with enjoying their fresh aroma. Even better, you can buy some interesting Indian spices and some herbs used in International cuisine from here. The rich and fertile soil and the beautiful cool climate make a perfect ambiance for the plantations to bloom too! If you are visiting Peerumedu on your Kerala HoneymoonPackages from Bangalore during the monsoons, there are many more magical moments like fresh springs and small streams waiting for you on your way here and there. Once you pass Peerumedu and reach Vandiperiyar, you have to cover another 18 kms to reach Thekkady, your actual destination. Vandiperiyar is full of greenery. There are tea, coffee and spice plantations all around and whoever you meet here will either own a plantation or work in one. It is one of those places that keep the shutterbugs pretty busy!

 So finally, you reach Thekkady and what do you find here different from what you just saw on the way? Forests! Yes, the place has lush tropical forests and lagoons and some amazing resorts amidst them. If you have rarely experienced raw nature here, in Thekkady, you can just do that in awe during you Kerala Honeymoon Packages from Pune! You are now far away from cities, crowded roads and the never-ending sounds of honking and vehicles passing by in a jiffy. Here you can hear the true sounds of nature and even though it will take some time to get accustomed to believe that you are still alive without listening to the usual sounds, you will start appreciating the chirping of insects, tweeting of birds and an occasional elephant call if you are lucky. That’s one reason, apart from the cool and wet climate here because of the intermittent rains, that people prefer Thekkady fortheir Kerala Honeymoon Packages fromHyderabad. Privacy is guaranteed, especially if you are visiting off-season. August – September is a beautiful time to visit this green abode of nature even though the actual season starts in September. The early birds can enjoy the splendour of nature in a little privacy.

 Once in Thekkady, boating and wildlife safari are the most popular tourist activities. You can either enjoy the 2-hour group ride on KTDC boat through the Periyar Reservoir or check whether your hotel arranges a private tour to see the animals that come early morning and in the evening to drink water from the reservoir. Boating is enjoyed best just after the monsoons and definitely before February since afterwards, if the water level recedes, the activity is not allowed in shallow waters. So plan your Kerala Honeymoon Packages from Coimbatore accordingly and enjoy the ride. The next on cards is the wildlife safari. Tourists are taken on jeeps to enjoy the safari at Periyar Tiger Reserve. It is advised not to take up a trekking trail without proper guidance as elephants and tigers really enjoy their natural habitat here and may not spare the intruders. The guides know the typical tiger and elephant trails and can safely take you through the safari and trek. So as you guess trekking is another popular activity here, but beware of the leeches always lurking to feed on human blood!!! Don’t worry though! Take a pack of common salt during your treks and sprinkle some on the leech to leave you alone and it will be gone. Bamboo rafting and elephant rides are also popular activities here which you can check out once you reach Thekkady for your Kerala Honeymoon Packages from Ahmedabad.

Make sure you don’t miss the plantation tours and a tour of Chellarmedu which is a beautiful laid-back town around 15 kms from Kumily. You can enjoy the panoramic views and the waterfalls here.

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