Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Exciting Kerala Tourism Packages from Cosmopolitan Cities

Kerala a small state situated on the southern part of India. Kerala is famous with its beauty of nature. That is why it is known as “God’s Own Country.”There are lots of places to visit in Kerala. Each and every districts consists several places and tourist spots to visit. The best way for tourists to make their trip to Kerala by using Kerala tourism packages because this may includes visiting all locations from north to south part of Kerala. If you are from the Mumbai or its outskirts, then you can use Kerala tour packages from Mumbai to make your dream trip to Kerala. If you are ready for a trip, then it will be the best & remarkable trip in your life. Let’s go through some of the destinations in Kerala.

 Kerala Tourism includes famous destinations like:

1)      Thekkady:

Thekkady is located near Kerala & Tamil Nadu border. Thekkady is famous with the wild life sanctuary which is famous which is famous with dense forest, savanna grass lands. It’s a home of wild elephants, tiger, gaur, lion tailed macaques. Tour companies are providing useful and specialized tour packages like perfect Kerala tour packages from Pune to make their tourists to feel more comfy.
Before planning about Kerala trip you have to go through the major tour packages in Kerala & choose the one will help you to explore all destinations in minimum days & costs. The best time to visit is from November to April.

2)      Kochi:

Kochi is a major port on south west coast of India which is known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea, an extended metropolitan region. It is the world's 6th best city for tourist destination. One of the emerging cities in the world. Suitable for climate for seasonable temperatures. Because of the importance of Kochi in every field, many new tour programs are arranging by the tour companies in the apt season. You can use best Kerala your packages from Bangalore, if your hometown is there. If you use the specialized tour package, then you will be able to make the trip more comfy and safe.

3)      Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary:

It is situated at Kumarakom in Kottayam district on the banks of Vembanad lake. Spread over 14 acres. Main attraction are local birds like water fowl, cockoo, owl, heron, cormorant, moorhen, darter, brahminy kite, Siberian crane, parrot, teal, lark, flycatcher.
Try to choose the Kerala tour packages that will take you to all spots with economical rates. All modes of transportation are available. Kerala Tourism Development Corporation, which owns the largest chain of hotels in Kerala, including a resort in middle of bird sanctuary at Kumarakom.

4)      Eravikulam National Park:

Eravikulam is located at the Western Ghats of in Idukki district of Kerala. First national park in Kerala. Anamudi& Naikollimala are situated in Eravikulam National Park. The terrain is consists of high altitude grasslands. Animals like Gaur, Indian muntjac, wild dog, dhole, leopard, jungle cat& tiger are the main predators. Some little animals like Nilgirilanguar, stripe-necked mangoose, dusky palm squirrel, are also found. Elephants only during their seasonal visits.132 species of birds have been recorded which includes black & orange fly catcher, Nilgiripipit, Nilgiri wood pigeon, laughing thrush. For the natural lovers, this place will be the most suitable one without any doubt. You may get wondered of seeing the full length packages like Kerala tourpackages from Hyderabad, because these modes of packages will include only the tourists from that place and hence you won’t get tensed about the co tourists.

5)      Periyar National Park:

It’s thick evergreen forest. There are wild elephants, deer, bison, down to drink in the lake. Sanctuary can be acceded through trekking, boating or jeep safari. Enjoying holidays in Kerala by including destinations will be suitable for adventurous moment in forest. This will be a remarkable trip for youngsters.

6)      Hill palace:

Kerala's first heritage museum noted for royal collections of the west while Maharaja of Kochi. You see this spot in route map of tour packages to Kerala, but you are supposed to specify it; otherwise you will miss something very important spots of Kerala.

7)      Veegaland (Wonderla)

Wonderland Holidays ltd. a leading amusement park in India situated in Pallikkara, 12 km from Cochin City of Cochin.  Veegaland re branded as Wonderla on 2011.

Making holidays in Kerala by including destinations like with suitable & interesting for kids, because they can enjoy in Wonderland &play. Choose beneficial holiday tour packages in Kerala. So you don’t need to specify location of your own. Best time to visit is during children's summer holidays. Even if you are a shadow traveler, you can visit these places, because the tour operators will give all the necessary options. Tourists from the northern states of India can use Kerala tour packages from Delhi, and can have a good and soothing trip.

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Monday, 21 March 2016

Greenery Exploration in Kerala- an Amazing Experience with New Ideas

Kerala is a land blessed with lots of natural resources and greenery. In each and every point you can see the diversity with excellence. Coming to the natural scenario, you can have a wonderful journey in Kerala along with your loved ones with lots of surprises. Now a day’s major tour companies are providing economical and useful tour packages to promote the beauty of Kerala. You may get surprised of seeing the specialized packages like Kerala tour packages from Mumbai are available to make the trip easier. Coming to the greenery, you can see it in plenty in all parts of Kerala. But you will see it in abundance in the places like Munnar, Wayanad, Athirapilly, Nelliyampathy, Thekkady etc. All you have to do is to plan a Kerala trip with a superb route map which will explore almost all beautiful places.

A bike trip to Wayanad

Are you adventurous enough to make a road trip through the world’s finest hair pin curves and dashy roads? If yes the perfect way is to make a trip to Wayanad along with your best buddies. Those who are from northern most states of India can use Kerala tour packages from Delhi to make this fantasy a reality. One of the main advantages of using this is kind of packages is that, they will give all assistance including the basic facilities. A group will form by them, which will include several members. A single two wheeler along with the safety measures like helmet, jacket etc. is provided to them. Wayanad being a forest area, you can’t find big buildings and facilities in a city. Along the lush trees and luxurious greenery you will be able to find the soul of Kerala. Trekking, mountain camping etc. are available there and a honeymoon in inside this mystery will be a new experience. Main attractions in Wayanad are the Chempra Peak, Kuruva Islands, Tribal villages etc. You must take a visit to the tribes to know about the typical culture and heritage of forest life.

Along the Bamboo rafts in Thekkady

Thekkady is another amazing place in southern Kerala which is noted for its abundant wild life. Periyar wild life sanctuary is located there and a big water body surrounded by the forest is waiting for you to have lots of fun. Bamboo rafting is available here and you can have a long journey through it. If you are lucky enough, then you will get opportunity to see the wild animals. Bamboo rafting will start from the early morning and a full day is needed to see all the fantasies. For the city life people, this will be a boon to make a change in the lap of nature. Tourists can use impressive Kerala tour packages fromBangalore, if they are from the nearby places. A cool climate is maintained in the place and you will get refreshment without any doubt. Trekking, forest camping etc. is also available in this place. Even if you are looking for a place for family hangout, then you will find this place as a suitable one.

A bare foot walks through the woods in Athirapilly

Are you surprised of seeing this?? But it is possible in this God’s own country. Athirapilly is a famous waterfall in Kerala and the way to the place is full of trees and greenery. Just suppose of making a walk through the woods and going to the waterfall along with the loved ones. Only some tour operators will give the opportunity to experience this rare activity. Try to choose the best. If you are from any middle states of India, then you can use interesting Kerala tour packages from Hyderabad with the top most facilities. Coming back to the features of Athirapilly, the roads are so safe and the shadows of the trees make it a perfect place for evening walkouts. Even in the mid-day, you can’t find the severe heat of sun. After this long walk, you will reach the top where the waterfall is waiting for you. Spending a night in the forest in a tent is another surprise waiting for you. For the honeymoon couples, they can use the tree house which will give you the top most privacy.

Many other destinations are also there, which can be included in this list. They are Alappuzha Backwaters, Munnar, Nelliyampathy etc. All you have to do is to choose the suitable packages like Kerala tour packages from Pune which is meant for the tourists from Maharashtra. Please add your favorite destinations to the list. Do share you valuable suggestions.

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