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Wonderful Kerala Honeymoon packages from Cosmopolitan Cities

Are you a newly wedded couple in a busy city looking for the best honeymoon destination?? Confused of choosing the best package?? Never fed up!! We will help you to get the most suitable  romantic Kerala honeymoon packages that will make your days the most beautiful and romantic.
Even if you don’t have much time to spend for honeymoon because of your busy Schedule, don’t worry we will make the necessary arrangements to incorporate the top most destinations in Kerala. These modes of packages are specially designed without losing a bit of time while travelling. You will get all leisure and luxury with affordable price.

The major cosmopolitan honeymoon packages can be listed as:

·         Kerala Honeymoon Packages from Mumbai
·         Kerala Honeymoon Packages from Bangalore
·         Kerala Honeymoon Packages from Pune
·         Kerala Honeymoon Packages from Hyderabad
·         Kerala Honeymoon Packages from Coimbatore
·         Kerala Honeymoon Packages from Ahmadabad

Kerala Honeymoon Packages from Mumbai

This particular honeymoon package is very useful for those who live in the Mumbai and its outskirts. You may have only 2 or 3 days to spend for your honeymoon and hence hectic planning is required. In this useful Kerala honeymoon packages from Mumbai, it includes all modes of transportation facilities, accommodation and food.
The route map: Mumbai International Airport-Cochin International Airport-Munnar-Alappuzha-Thekkady-Kovalam Beach-Trivandrum International Airport

The proposed journey starts from the Airport and after getting into Kerala we will first visit Munnar whish is world famous for its tremendous tea plantations. Almost all picnic spots in Munnar will be covered and night stay will be arranged in the deluxe hotel.
Special honeymoon arrangements like can decorated rooms, candle light dinner, private swimming pools, camp fire is common in all the above mentioned honeymoon packages.
After Munnar hangout we will move to Alappuzha and a houseboat will be ready for you. A full day and night you will be enjoying in the houseboat with maximum privacy. Special Kerala food will be served in it which will make your honeymoon in Kerala the most wonderful experience. Then we will move to Thekkady. Trekking will be available for you. Most thrilling Bamboo rafting is also included in this proposed package.
On the way to Trivandrum Airport we will make a visit to Kovalam beach which is famous for its beauty and cleanliness. You can enjoy a lot of time there.

Kerala Honeymoon packages from Bangalore

This honeymoon package helps the people from the Karnataka state to make a visit to Kerala without much tension. Making the advantage of packages facilitates to make the trip more comfortable. Because visiting a place which is quite strange for you will cause many difficulties in transportation and accommodation.
The route map: Bangalore Airport-Cochin International Airport-Kochi-Mattanchery-Wayanad-Bakel Fort-Beach-Kozhikode Airport

The path of the proposed Kerala honeymoon packages from Bangalore includes the major spots in Kochi. It will help you to see the Mattanchery Synagogue and the streets. From there you can buy many souvenirs. After that we will make a journey to Wayanad which is truly a paradise for the newly wedded couples. After making a splendid journey we will move to the Bakel fort and playing with beach we will make a culmination to our journey.

Kerala Honeymoon Packages from Pune

This proposed package is same as the honeymoon package from Mumbai. The facilities and the route map is exactly the same. If you want to make any changes then you can customize it.
The route map: Mumbai International Airport-Cochin International Airport-Munnar-Alappuzha-Thekkady-Kovalam Beach-Trivandrum International Airport

Full length and specially arranged Kerala honeymoon packages from Pune is also available with affordable price.

Kerala Honeymoon packages from Hyderabad

Being a historical city with hustle and bustle you will find a soothing experience in Kerala. You can see the most wonderful greenery there which will be a visual treat to the visitors. While thinking about the honeymoon Kerala the first picture that will come to the mind will be luxurious tea gardens in Munnar and the majestic houseboats. Let’s make a look on to the route map.
The Route map: Hyderabad Airport-Kozhikode Airport-Wayanad-Bakel Fort-Nelliyampathy-Athirapilly waterfalls-Cochin International Airport  

After reaching the Kozhikode Airport we will start our journey to Wayanad which is very famous for its beautiful atmosphere and frosty climate. We will visit the Chempra Lake and will stay there. You will get a strange experience to talk to the tribes inside the forest by exploiting this useful Kerala honeymoon packages from Hyderabad with full option.
After that we will move to Bakel fort and spending a day there will start our journey to Nelliyampathy. You can see a wide variety of flora and fauna there. On the way to the Cochin Airport we will make a visit to Athirapilly waterfalls which you have already seen in many films and ads.

Kerala honeymoon packages from Coimbatore

As it is very near to Kerala the complete Kerala honeymoon packages from Coimbatore will include almost all major destinations. If you want enjoy the Kerala rip for a full week then you can select it with affordable price and luxury.
The Route map: Coimbatore International Airport-Trivandrum International Airport-Kovalam Beach-Thekkady-Alappuzha-Munnar-Athirapilly-Nelliyampathy-Wayanad-Kozhikode Airport

The journey starts from Kovalam Beach which then moves to Thekkady. Night stay will be arranged there. Then the next destination will be Alappuzha. A houseboat will be ready for you. A whole day will be spending inside that. Then we will visit Munnar which is famous for its renowned tea gardens.
After that we will make our trip to Athirapilly waterfalls. Moving to Nelliyampathy thereafter we will explore the Wayanad which is noted for its wonderful topography. Returning flight will be from Kozhikode International Airport.

Kerala Honeymoon packages from Ahmadabad

Ahmadabad being very far from Kerala it is more convenient to stay for several days for honeymoon. You will get wondered of seeing the Kerala which has got quite a new face compared to Gujarat. People from north India can choose this particular Kerala Honeymoon packages from Ahmadabad to make a wonderful trip to Kerala.
The Route map: Ahmadabad Airport-Trivandrum International Airport- Kovalam Beach-Thekkady-Alappuzha-Munnar-Athirapilly-Nelliyampathy-Wayanad-Kozhikode Airport

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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Cherished Honeymoon Trip to Kerala

Kerala is a heaven as well as a haven for people leading a hectic life in metro cities. The tranquil serenity of Kerala’s backwaters and mountains are unmatched holiday and honeymoon destinations. Honeymoon in Kerala will be the most cherished holiday with your life-partner which will keep you coming back to this God’s Own Country again and again. If you have never been to Kerala, Kerala honeymoon packages will be the best way to enjoy the scenic beauty and alluring destinations here. Kerala being a small state, you will be easily able to pack your bags for at least 5 days and get ready to enjoy a few days in paradise with your partner. Gone are the days of conventional honeymoon where you spend hours roaming around in popular places like Ooty and Kodaikanal or Shimla which are so crowded you will never enjoy privacy. Here in Kerala, you will be able to enjoy just being together away from the maddening crowd yet be safe and happy.

Choose your Package and Pack your Bags

Honeymoon packages in Kerala come as cheap as Rs. 5,000/- per person for a 5-day trip. This is a land-only package rate once you land in Kochi / Calicut or Trivandrum. Kerala Honeymoon packages from Mumbai can be availed with Flight or Train tickets or you can opt for the land only package also. Kerala honeymoon packages from Bangalore comes with Air / Train or Bus tickets. Bangalore – Kochi Flights can be expensive, Train tickets will be very difficult to get unless planned much in advance so Bus is the preferred transportation in this route. A/c Volvo buses with and without sleeper ply between Bangalore and Kochi. Kerala honeymoon packages from Pune can also be availed with or without Flight or Train tickets. Direct train to between Pune and Kochi are available but takes up a day or 2 for travel. So if you can afford it take a flight to Kochi and move by road to your destinations. Kerala honeymoon packages from Coimbatore will be quite cheap. You can take a bus or train to Palakkad or Kochi and from there move by road to your destinations. For Kerala honeymoon packages from Hyderabad, Train / Bus / Flight can be chosen. By train almost a day will be required to reach, by Bus it takes at least 17 to 18 hours so flights will save you some time but cost you more. Once in Kerala, your tour operator can pick you if you choose land-only packages.

Climb the Mountains, Savour the Beachside Sunset and Indulge in an Aromatic Massage

Kerala may be a small state but is big enough to accommodate a few mountains, a long coastline, backwaters, lagoons and lush forests with vivid flora and fauna such that people from all over the world wish to spend their holidays and honeymoon here. Kerala has some of the most popular, yet not so crowded, hill stations in India – Munnar, Wayanad, Thekkadi and Gavi. These places can rejuvenate your body and mind with fresh air, cool climate and serene nature all around. You can explore the mountains; try some trekking, fishing, paragliding and the sort. Jungle safari is another attraction, especially in Wayanad. These are small towns cut away from bustling cities and hence retain their serenity while providing the tourists with required comforts and conveniences. Alleppy and Kumarakom attract crowd with their tranquil backwaters, lagoons and sandy beaches. Houseboats can be hired at these places where you can enjoy a ride through the backwaters of Alleppey and even rest overnight in them. Don’t worry about missing your favourite TV channels or catching up over the internet as the houseboats come with all modern amenities as a star hotel. Monsoon rains can make your houseboat experience more beautiful. Kovalam, Cherai, Calicut, Varkala, Alleppey, Trivandrum and Fort Kochi have white sandy beaches that are neat and stunning. You can enjoy a sunset or sunrise from a resort in one of these places, have fun in the beach and enjoy seafood which is Kerala’s specialty cuisine. Honeymoon packages in Kerala usually come with an aromatic spa or Ayurvedic massage which can rejuvenate your body and mind equally. Even if it doesn’t do not miss a chance to try it out while in Kerala.

Eat and Shop till you Drop – Fill your Bags with Handicraft, Chips and Halwa

Kerala has always been famous for its spices, cashew nuts, fish and coconut. Each district in Kerala has a distinct flavoursome cuisine especially Calicut and Malabar areas. Snacks, Biriyani and Halwa from Calicut are so famous that tourists specifically ask for them whether they plan to visit the place or not. Alleppey is famous for seafood delicacies and non-vegetarian food. In Kochi you can get to taste all of these from different specialty restaurants. Plantain and tapioca chips are another specialty in Kerala.  Food is a flourishing sector here as people from all over India are settled here and their contribution to the cuisine is well appreciated.

Kochi is the major shopping hub in Kerala with many malls and shopping areas open 7 days a week. Here the people are very fashion conscious and that makes Kochi one of the most important consumers for all fashion related products. Almost all reputed brands have shops in Kochi though it is a very small state. Kerala’s handicrafts are exquisite and are souvenirs most of the tourists take back with them. Carpets, bags, mats etc. made of coir and other natural products. Artefacts made of coconut shells and seashells are well lauded by tourists. Kerala’s mural paintings and clothes with mural paintings are frequently bought by tourists. Spices are a must buy from Kerala. Motifs of elephants, kathakali and gods made in ivory, sandalwood and rosewood can be bought from authorised government dealers. Many foreigners buy these priced souvenirs to gift their loved ones.

Last but not least, take loads of photos of the beautiful moments during your Honeymoon in Kerala so that you can savour the sweet memories any time later. Do share the chips and halwa along with your memories of Kerala with your loved ones when you return.

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