Monday, 23 November 2015

Yummy Foods On Your Kerala Trip!

Have you ever wondered why Kerala people eating with their hands? It is because while eating with your hand it feeds not only your body but your mind and spirit. Kerala is famous for its tradition and culture as well as their food and cuisine. There are wide verities of foods available in both vegetarian and non vegetarians. Visiting a place is not only for sight seeing and photographs, but also to taste their foods and to learn recipes. Main food  for many Kerala  are rice itself but the cooking way is different and thus changing tastes. Land of spices offers you an astonishing Kerala trip for your vacation. As name indicates Kerala is filled with “Kera” which means coconut. Yes so coconut is the main ingredient for so many dishes and it makes foods delicious. Main characterization of Kerala cuisine is by the use of coconut. Malayalees using coconut either chopped or grated and used as garnishing. Coconut oil is the elemental cooking oil and coconut milk or paste is used for thicken the gravies of dishes. Traditionally Kerala food is served on banana leaves and it will give you an amazing experience. In all way Kerala food will be fresh, aromatic and flavored. Even though the traditional Kerala cuisine is a combination of vegetables most peoples in Kerala are fans of non vegetarian foods and sea foods, fishes are the main element on dining table of coastal Kerala and in Northern sides of Kerala meat and Chicken items took place. Experience hot and spicy Kerala foods and cuisines that too in banana leaves eating with your hands is absolutely can’t describe through words and make it happen with Perfect Kerala Tour Packages from Mumbai.

Taste a Kerala Sadya

Sadya in Kerala simply means feast,a vegetarian meal. Commonly served on banana leaves and it includes boiled rice, vegetable curry , side dishes, savories, pickles and deserts. Sambar is the famous and tasty curry and common one for Kerala  and which is a combination af all available vegetables are boiled in crushed lentils, onions, chilies, coriander and turmeric etc. Side dishes for Sadya are mainly avial and thoran. savories are like upperi, pappadam, pachadi, kichadi, fried banana chips etc. All are mouth watering and it is sure that will be in your shopping list too. Payasam is the ideal desert used for Sadya in Kerala. You must enjoy at least one type payasam when you visit Kerala with Amazing Kerala tour Packages.  Sadya is the ceremonial meal of Kerala and prepared for celebrations like festivals, marriages. Various locally available vegetables are the fundamental ingredients for Kerala Sadya. Still you prefer a non veg item for your Kerala tour lunch you can choose Malabar special biriyanees. Most common dish for Kerala Muslim community is rice biriyani. Thalassery biriyani is famous for its delectable taste and fragrant smell. It can be prepared with pure vegetables or fish, chicken, Mutton etc. The land of spices never return you  back without filling your stomach and mind.

Break your Fasts in Kerala

Haven’t you fed up with con flex, bread, nudils, oats etc as your break fast? What about having an exquisite break fast from Kerala? Tour Packages for Kerala won’t never disappoint you and waiting you with  list of wide verities of appetizing foods on your menu. Puttu and kadala curry, Appam and stew, Idli and sambar, Dosha ghee roast with chatni, Idiyappam with egg curry, Dosha are some of the common break fasts that commonly used by Kerala . When you visit Kerala make sure to have one of these. Tea and coffee are the hot beverages used to drink along with breakfasts. Coconut and its products are the elements for break fast items too. Rice flour is steamed to make famous item puttu and coconut chops are on top of it to add taste.

Who doesn’t enjoy tokens of remembrance of some cherished monuments in your life? Especially  from God’s own country, from lands of spices..Best Kerala Honeymoon packages are customized from top cities of India like Mumbai, Banglur, Hyderabad, Banglur, Ahmedabad, Kolkata etc. For all those who have been bored with usual way of life and want to take a break out Awesome Kerala tour Packages helps to make it out. Enjoy your vacation to at its peak with family. Some day money won’t make you happy but memories do. Home of unique cuisines welcomes you with Kerala tour packages from Delhi with reasonable price.

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