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Wayanad Pilgrim centers

Kerala Holiday Packages
Kerala Holiday Packages
Located in north Wayanad, 34-km off from is associate ancient temple dedicated to Lord Hindu deity on the facet of Brahmagiri hill in Kerala.Classical Kerala temple design. Inscriptions during this temple date from to the amount of Bhaskara Ravi Varma I (962–1019 CE).God-blessed setting all around .The only remaining attraction is that the footsteps of Hindu deity, Vishnupad. Its fascinating and scenic beauty once imbibed will ne'er be erased from the mind. Papanashini (sin’s destroyer): there's a motivating tale behind the stream attaining the facility to bar sins a brief walk from Thirunelli temple is that the clear mountain spring referred to as Papanasini. A ritual dip here is believed to clean one away of all worldly sins.

Trissilery Temple

image1830This gorgeous temple of rather excellent study proportions, is inextricably joined with the Hindu deity temple at Thirunelli. it's believed that the performance of ancestral rites at Thirunelli stay unfinished unless followed by offerings at this temple. among the premises there's conjointly a shrine dedicated to Jala Durga, believed to own been put in by no less an individual than the legendary human Parasurama.There area unit several myths connected with the temple
tank here, that oddly enough ne'er dries up.(kerala holiday packages)

Pallikkunnu Church

Dedicated to the Lourdes Matha, Pallikkunnu Church was established in 1905 at the initiative of a metallic elementench missionary Fr. Jeffrine. a motivating facet of this church is that it's many rituals and practices just like those rife in Hindu temples. The annual a pair of week Perunnal pageant in early Feb attracts giant throngs of devotees from different components of Kerala, still as outside.
Jain Temple (Bathery)

jaintemlBelieved to own been inbuilt the thirteenth century ,This temple is within the wayanad district and is often referred to as Tippu’s fort. this can be distinguished as Tippu’s fort as a result of Tippu used this place for storing ammunition.(kerala packages) Hence, it gains the name sultans battery. This temple is one in all the foremost necessary amongst a series of religion ruins unfold across the state of Kerala, testify to a amount of a robust religion presence during this region

Valliyurkavu Temple

image18261This temple dedicated to the Mother god, manifest within the three principal varieties of Vana Durga, Bhadrakali and Jala Durga is a very important place of worship for numerous social group communities in Wayanad. each year a fifteen day pageant is control in March/April.Valliyoorkavu pageant The Valliyoorkavu pageant may be a fashionable event at the Bhagavathy temple at Valliyoorkkavu, three kms from Mananthavady city. The idol of the temple is believed to be self- manifested and therefore the annual pageant is control here within the month of March

Korom house of God

This nearly 300-year-old house of God is constructed in ancient Kerala vogue with in depth wood carvings. Originally engineered by the native Nair gently, Korome house of God to the present day is seen as a sterling example of communal amity. (kerala packages)The annual Uroos festivities draw participants from all communities

SeethaLavaKusha Temple

This is the sole acknowledged temple dedicated to volcanic rock and Kusha, the sons of Lord avatar. native legends connect this region with several necessary episodes from the Ramayana.

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