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Spending Summer Holidays in Kerala using Tour Packages from Hyderabad

Summer holidays are total fun in Kerala. I always look forward to my summer holidays so that we can visit my ancestral house in Kerala and spend some great time with my cousins there. Since I am the only cousin in my family staying out of Kerala, I always look forward to getting together with all my other cousins who stay close to each other near my paternal grandparent’s house. The perfect way to beat the April – May heat is to book Kerala Tour Packages from Hyderabad during the school holidays and enjoy our family fun time. Which is what we do every year without fail and yet we all look forward to reaching this amazing place Kerala is. My father belongs to Trissur which is the cultural capital of Kerala. The city boasts of some amazing temples, some of the biggest businessmen of the state who are one of the richest people in the world, some great landscapes and some interesting people who speak from their heart. One amusing fact you will find here is that irrespective of what religion you belong to, the dialect is the same! They all speak in a proper Trissur slang which is very friendly and quite funny. As far as I have seen, the people here have a wonderful sense of humour and try to imbibe humour in whatever they talk. They all are quite competitive though they all come together whenever there’s a need. My mother’s house in the city of Kochi. Though we love the enterprising city, it tends to get hotter and busier every year. So, as usual, we booked  our  beautiful tour Packages from Hyderabad to land in Kochi International Airport. We would stay in my maternal grandparent’s house for a couple of days first and then move on to Trissur. My mother keeps complaining that she never gets to stay with her parents even when we are in Kerala! But we always look forward to getting to Trissur for our fun-filled holidays. Sometimes the summer rains make our Kerala visit more exciting. We make paper boats and float them in the canals. Enjoying the Vishu treats and firecrackers are also an exciting part of the summer holidays in Kerala. 

Ponds of Kerala

Kerala has got abundant water bodies and the ponds and the rivers are most accessible to us youngsters. Though the beaches, backwaters and waterfalls are also abundant, Trissur has more ponds and rivers than the beaches and backwaters. So we are used to the nearby temple ponds that cool us inside out. Every day after our finger-licking breakfast prepared by my grandma and other aunts we move out from our home to hit the ponds and the playgrounds which still remain vacant for the children during the vacations. Sometimes, there’s an exciting football or cricket match happening in the playground which keeps us busy through the day. This ground is actually right opposite to our gate and used to be where the Trissur pooram’s famous sample fireworks used to be performed every year. That’s another highlight of our glorious Kerala Packages from Hyderabad. My uncle would take us to the Pooram exhibition every year and get us all cotton candy and lots of balloons. There’s another interesting toy we used to buy every year without fail when we were much younger – that’s a boat which would run in water when the lamp in it is lit with fire. We would be so excited to see it run for a few hours and that’s all it would run! Then we have to wait for the next year’s Pooram exhibition to buy it again. So talking about the ponds, particularly the temple pond which is cleaned every year in April, we would spend at least a few hours swimming and catching some fish every day for a month! This was another indispensable part of our Kerala holiday packages from Hyderabad. We would take a tyre tube till we learnt swimming to save ourselves from drowning. While the pond is cleaned we would invariably catch a tortoise or two from the pond and will have to leave it too out in the open. 

Backwaters and Beaches

The beaches and backwaters of Kerala are really beautiful too. Though we don’t spend much time in the backwaters, we definitely visit the Cherai beach every year on our way from Trissur to Kochi. There’s a far off place near Munambam where we always park the car and enjoy ourselves. Once, long back, we even saw actor Jose Prakash and his family who had parked their car near our secret spot! It is a secluded place in the beach where there’s no crowd. A couple of times during our Kerala tours from Hyderabad, we have visited Allepey and went on a houseboat cruise. Houseboat cruises are fun only when we have a whole bunch of people onboard. Otherwise, I have heard my parents say that they love the relaxation it offers! We also visit Fort Kochi beach every year when we are in Kochi. Once when my relatives came on their spectacular Kerala honeymoon Packages from Hyderabad they went to the beaches in Kannur and showed us the pictures. They looked completely different from the beaches I had seen so far. We must go there sometime! 

Our Kochi visit keeps us busy at the stunning malls. There are so many malls in the small city, and they are all so crowded! My grandfather keeps telling, “I wonder what these people are doing here! No one is purchasing, simply wasting their time enjoying the air-conditioned mall”!! But we heard the mall people say that the malls are a popular part of Tourism Packages from Hyderabad offered by many tourist operators. The tour operators keep one day of the tour only for the mall visits for which they get paid some commission and the tourists can finish off their shopping conveniently.

Amusement Parks

There are a few amusement parks in and near Kochi. We have been to Wonderla in Kochi a couple of times. It is a wonderful place to enjoy. All of us including our small cousins and grandparents really enjoyed these visits. Though the grandparents could not enjoy many rides, they enjoyed a lot seeing us enjoy the day. We heard that a couple of new parks, though not as big as this, have come up near Kochi. Must visit on our next visit! 


Last time during our Kerala Packages from Hyderabad, we visited Athirappilly and Vazhachal waterfalls. We had planned to go on a tour with the entire family, but it did not work out and hence just the four of us enjoyed the trip. We also visited the Silverstorm Water theme park and the Dreamworld theme park nearby in Chalakkudy. The waterfalls were very gorgeous. We trekked down the landing place and took many photos of the raging waterfalls and the rainbow it formed. The walk beside the Vazhachal waterfalls was even more beautiful. We took quite a few photos there too. 

Visiting the Peechi Dam

Since our childhood days, my uncle kept promising us that he would take us cousins to the Peechi Dam. Every year he will keep to his words but never actually do it! So last year, we coaxed my father into taking us all to the Peechi Dam. It was beautiful. There was a garden nearby too which was very well-maintained. The dam and the nearby area was very pleasant and the greenery around was spectacular. The only other dam that I have seen other than this is the Mysore Dam which we saw a few years back when we went to the Brindavan Garden. 

More on Pooram

As I mentioned earlier, Trissur Pooram was an inevitable part of our summer Kerala Tour Packages from Hyderabad. Since we spend most of our holidays in Kerala only, we would enjoy everything about Pooram including the fireworks. We could enjoy the sample pooram fireworks from our house itself in the earlier days. Now we enjoy the colourful sky only as it is extremely crowded to get close to the Pooram ground. We have seen Pooram from one of our uncle’s shop near the Pooram ground once. It was so crowded and so noisy that we got scared and wanted to go back home. My poor uncle had to drop us back home and then walk back to the pooram ground as no vehicle could be parked anywhere nearby in the middle of the pooram celebrations. Then we have seen on TV how the elephants stand erect to be selected as the most majestic one. The colorful umbrella exchange is a spectacular scene. The percussion itself is quite interesting and what’s more interesting is the crowd enjoying every beat! Though we have never been to Pooram to watch it live after that incident, we visit the temple to see the elephant accessories and the colorful umbrellas exhibited there just before Pooram.  Kerala holidays are always so much fun! We look forward to our holidays to spend more time in this beautiful place every year. 

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